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Leave Us Alone, or Else?

Five years ago we hid on the internet behind anonymity, we discussed politics and history and how we felt our country and the whole western world was falling down an abyss. We compared statistics, we debated what the cause of our downfall was. How could our parents and grandparents afford a quarter acre block 15 minutes from the CBD and have kids on the way by 30? Have we been robbed of the Australian dream?

I grew up hearing stories about Rhodesia and South Africa, I had family and friends live there. "It used to be a good country" I was told — until it wasn't. I remember reading every single book on Roman history in my highschool library before the end of year 7 and begged the librarians to buy more history books. I used to always wonder, did the Romans ever think Rome could survive when they were outnumbered by Germans? My love of history never ended and the more I consumed it the more I began to explore the truth, that history is cyclical and that the burned man's bandaged fingers go wobbling back to the fire once more.

This is a brief version of my awakening, how things came to be and how I sacrificed my normal life for this one of permanent struggle and voluntary persecution.

In our movement it is one of the most common questions asked to any new person. "What red-pilled you?" We are the sons of Nietzsche, of Evola, of Hitler, of Mosley, of Powell. I have spoken with hundreds of young men in Australia and thousands online, and they have all come to the same conclusion that I have, they were once asleep and now they are awake. Life can never be the same once you follow the bouncing ball to its logical conclusion.

Are European people being ethnically replaced around the world? Does this constitute genocide? What are we going to do about it?

We tried many things in the past, but this project is different. We want to provide a space for people like us, we want to self improve, we want to build a parallel society with our own schools, jobs, business and housing — we don't believe we can save Australia anymore — we are the generation that has to watch it fall apart.

Instead of sitting on our hands and just watching, we want to live, we want to survive and we will win.

When I first got involved in this scene I discovered there was a lot of hatred. Men I knew hated the product of globalism and not the cause. I've never held any hatred towards people who were different from me. I don't believe you have to hold hatred towards your next door neighbour in order to not want them living in your house.

This brings up an important question, whose house is it? It was someone's before it was ours and we took it; it was ours for a while and now we share it. This sharing we call "multiculturalism". To us it is clear we will be a minority within multiculturalism and we will be lost in the chaos of time. Our current mission is to prepare for this inevitability.

Regarding my comments about Violence: I want you to imagine we are having dinner together, you are the State and I am White Australia. You reach over and put a small drop of poison in my dinner — not enough to kill me or even make me sick — you deny that it is poison and comment that it makes the food taste better. I didn't ask for it, it doesn't benefit me and I don't care "how good's the food" if it has a side affect. We keep talking business, how we can work together and after every sentence you put another drop on my food. The drops start to add up, and I feel myself getting weaker. By this point I've realised you are not my friend and I should leave. (This is where we are at right now). I go to get up from the table and you stop me. What do you think happens next? Let us leave. We aren't going to argue with you anymore, we don't care that you think the poison is safe, and we are growing weaker every moment we waste conversing with you.

"They’re threatening to take violent action unless unreasonable conditions are met — that’s very, very worrying," Deakin University terrorism researcher Greg Barton said.

We want to be able to afford a home so that we can get married and have children. We don't want our kids to be minorities in our schools. We don't want our kids corrupted by global degenerate culture. We don't want to lose our jobs for having a different opinion. We don't want to go to jail for disagreeing with globalist Politicians, spineless "Academics" and greedy Journalists. We want to honour our ancestors, our fallen, our culture. We don't want police going to our homes while we are at work and harassing our wives or our families, claiming that we are part of a terrorist group when all we did was start up a gym and talk about a better future. We do not believe there is a political solution to this problem, only a community that is steadfast in its ideals, with strong leadership and strong conviction that does not back down. We do not believe we are asking for "unreasonable conditions" to be met; we are self funded and don't expect the government to ever support our community the way it supports those of foreigners.

We have no intention of committing any violence and we only want to be left alone, as we will leave all others alone.

Leave us alone, or else.