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No Girls Allowed - In Response to the ABC's exposé "Married to the alt-right"

Often we have been asked, "Why don’t you allow women to join your group?" In fact, we do allow women to join our group, just not single women at this stage. Our mission is to create strong, honourable and healthy men, this is not the ends in itself but a means to an ends. Strong Men create strong Families, strong Families create strong Communities and strong Communities make strong Nations. The Micro creates the Macro, a subject that will be covered in more depth in the coming weeks. The women involved in our movement currently are the partners and family of our members. Everything happens in stages and as more women become involved, we will have the ability to provide more services related to women and families though at this stage that could be years away.

The main reason why we have not allowed single women to join our movement is due to the "gamer-girl effect". Demographically male dominated environments such as computer games, police, military, certain sporting clubs and even social cliques attract single women who do not have a clique of their own. Sure, the young single girl might have a genuine interest in the group she is getting involved in, however her main motivation either consciously or subconsciously is either a hypergamous mating strategy or a hypergamous social climb. According to natural law women will always be treated differently, no matter how much a society attempts to socially engineer its behaviour. An average girl in an environment that is roughly 50/50 men and women will receive an average amount of attention, from both possible potential partners or from potential friends. However in an environment which is in some cases completely male, an average single girl can receive the vast majority of everyone’s attention, and those not giving her attention tend to do so out of a conscious decision. It disrupts the entire balance of the male social order, and turns men to compete against each other for the attention of a girl. This is of course a very attractive concept to lonely girls who may not have many friends of their own or any male attention.

The Male equivalent of said process is the "Male feminist", where a male takes part in traditionally female dominant environment like cheerleading or a mixed netball team. The reality is that mating is a resource exchange that exists under the principles of supply and demand. Ones worth in a sexual market or any market is dependent on supply and demand. The false inflation of single woman’s worth within our circles has caused nothing but harm and disruption; too much of my time has been wasted dealing with issues caused by these gamer-girls like Lisa Sandford (Beulah). I only write this article to explain my past decisions to our members, to convey the other side of the story to the public, and to put forward our dogma.

Lisa Sandford (Beulah) appeared on the scene around mid-2016 and attempted to become very attached to anything and everything involving Nationalism. At the time, Blair Cottrell and I were engaged in organising a street protest movement - The UPF - the planning around the building of a political cadre and eventually a community group was still in its infancy. The very first conversation I had with Lisa she asked what women could do to help the movement; and her subsequent questions made it apparent that she believed she should have a leadership role within the organisation on the basis of her gender. My response to her was that women should focus on living the 14 words as often people in our scene in the past - and even to this day - espouse views of creating a better society without at any point doing anything to make themselves a better person. They talk a lot about the 14 words but show little to no action. I believe the roles of women in a movement are simple but important: focus on self-improvement, be fit and healthy, develop skills and education (both formally and informally), master something and then master another, find an honourable man who shares the same values you do and force him to improve and grow, be a leader, if you are knowledgeable and charismatic you can make content to improve the moral, intellectual and aesthetic of our cause and lastly, build an empire - a strong family.

Justin and Lisa met through the movement. Lisa from Melbourne spent a lot of time looking for a hypergamous pairing but ended up settling for something closer to a peer from Canberra. Both always seemed a bit odd and nobody was overly surprised when they started seeing each other. Justin lacked courage and conviction and never came across as a man who had a developed worldview, a lost boy in a man’s world. In a different time Justin could have been saved, we could have made a man out of him, but we were not and perhaps are still not strong enough nor organised enough to develop such individuals.

To make things even worse, Lisa had an alter-ego, she was domineering and controlling, not just of him but also of other women within the movement. On several occasions when our project first started, we had to deal with her trying to coerce members (including her partner) into giving her sensitive information. She caused such disruption to us that on one occasion we had to remove Justin and several others from Canberra from an online group, as we could not attain the source of a leak in which she gloated about this. Lisa was not very popular in our movement because information had arisen that she was once a Muslim convert who lived in an South East Asian country with a man and his wife, and that she was due to be the man’s second wife. In the ABCs interview she commented (I paraphrase) that one of her reasons for turning away from our "world view" was because she travelled to a Muslim nation, she met Muslim people, she wore the hijab and suddenly realised that we were completely wrong. Not only is this a leftist pipe dream (a belief where people only hold our world view because we are "insular" or haven’t experienced other cultures) but in fact the opposite is true, we grew up around diversity and that’s why we don’t want it. Perhaps it was a bad attempt at trolling, but either way they are both false as Lisa "put the hijab on" long before being involved in our scene. Lisa is unfortunately a very lost person and perhaps mentally ill, jumping from one clique to another to try and find meaning and identity in a deracinated and broken society. Another broken person.

The betrayal would be upsetting if it was not already predicted by our members. Precautions were taken more than 12 months ago by our group to not involve this couple, as well as brother organisations also removing them from their networks. The only upsetting part is that most cringe worthy interview in the history of the ABC now belongs to two people that are now regarded as holding our views at some stage in their life. Their body language during the entire ordeal was beyond strange, Lisa's crocodile tears when talking about Muslims being people as well, had most of us in hysteria, but the cherry on the cake was Justin’s obviously autistic posture and eye movements.

As a child I used to wonder how Pauline Hanson was elected, how she become a famous politician. Even at a young age I could work out that she was not very articulate, confident or well informed, and yet she was well known as the “premier racist”, so to speak. After becoming involved in the Nationalist scene, myself and other Nationalists have done many interviews with the ABC and journalists who worked for the ABC over the years and never once had anything published. For example, after being asked to be on triple J hack live and having conducted a "live" radio interview the day before, I found out that it was on a delay and quickly removed from the news cycle so that it could never be heard. When my seat on the hack live TV program was also removed, I quickly realised that it was no conspiracy that the media wants to completely control the narrative, and that the narrative was clear. Only stupid or extremely irrational people on our side of politics get air time, with the exception that occasionally Fraser Anning or Blair get air time with a controversial remark.

Pauline Hanson may not have been actively working as controlled opposition back in 1996, however she inadvertently was. Taking the spot of someone more qualified, more mature, more informed. Perhaps the Australian demographics would be a lot different today if someone of Anning’s calibre or another silver fox was running instead of her. But of course, the media never would have given attention to such a person and instead pumped up the tires of a lesser option that was never going to be a serious threat to the Howard government and the coming rapid acceleration of globalism.

Blair spoke to me today stating that Lisa called him a couple of weeks ago, she stated that she was worried about losing her job, that Justin had lost his job, that the media was constantly harassing them and they were afraid they were going to lose everything. Blair’s advice was to ignore the media. The interview you saw was of two weak people in fear of financial asphyxiation, as well as the fact that Lisa is simply an attention seeker. I have no doubt that Justin felt he was filled with nothing but hate, because he is a mindless vessel who has clearly been coerced.

In summary, the media loves morons like Justin and Lisa who hang themselves in front of the public in an attempt to grovel for acceptance back into the multi-culti’ establishment. They love making examples of people as well denigrating our people. This also gives them ammunition to attack ‘problem’ personalities instead of having a serious debate about our ideas. Not that the death cult of globalism would ever debate heretics on the matter of their holy scriptures. So well done.

Our movement is one of love; we love our culture, our history, its beauty, strength and honour. To love something you must hate that which threatens it, we must be absolutely intolerant and despise anything that threatens the memory of our ancestors, what they built and our future.

Lastly, Mashallah brothers. ☝

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