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Mind, Body and Spirit.

Mind, Body and Spirit.

A phrase hijacked by postmodern hedonists to describe their general health and well-being for no greater purpose other than to "feel good", which usually encompasses reading a romance novel, drinking green tea and doing yoga. The foundation of all higher civilisation and especially Indo-European identity stems from these principles when uncorrupted. In its most primitive origins, Palaeolithic and Neolithic man held three things true;

  • He was the bearer of a spear, this was not a right but a duty, and it was his duty to protect his tribe and to hunt and fight for his tribe’s survival. (Body)

  • A man who holds a spear, and only a man who holds a spear has the "right" to debate or dictate the path of the tribe. (Mind)

  • A man who holds the spear and holds the right to speak must develop his higher purpose and his metaphysical reincarnation through rebirth. (Spirit)

The sole purpose of the relationship between Mind, Body and Spirit is self-preservation, just as the purpose of life is the balance between the self-preservation of the micro (one’s self) and the macro (ones people). We exist as to continue to exist, we are because we are, we evolve as we must in order to exist. The health of our Mind, Body and Spirit is tied intrinsically to our survival. Every Tribe, every People, every Nation that exists on earth today does so because they have conquered weaker tribes.

The Germanic Freeman was a Free Man - he was not a slave - he held a spear and the right to speak amongst his tribe. His continued existence lived between reality and spirituality, a means to an end and an end in itself. The Greek Citizen-Soldier was in Plato's eyes the Scholar Athlete; he was not just of body but also of mind. He studied, he was a philosopher, he wrestled and learnt the art of warfare. The Roman Legionary was not just a Soldier but also a skilled builder; his officers were engineers and architects.

The first concept of "Democracy" - a word that has been so twisted that it almost means nothing today - was built on the notion that only those Men who had fought or were capable of fighting had a voice. How different our world would be today if this were still the case. The modern extension of this Warrior-Democracy is still alive today in the USA; the First Amendment is an extension of Palaeolithic man’s right to speak amongst his tribe, and only because it is supported by the Second Amendment, his right to bear arms. You cannot have one without the other, an unhealthy Mind corrupts the Body and vice versa. You cannot have "Freedom of Speech" without Force – the means to defend that. Might is right.

Throughout all of history those who could not speak or could not bear the spear became slaves just as we have been made slaves, the serfs and subjects of Globalism. Therefore, Our Mission before political parties, before policies and "debate" must be to free our spirit from slavery. The conquest for spiritual leanness lies in the fitness of one’s mind and body. To cut the fat from our lives, to free ourselves from our golden cage, to focus on one mission alone - our survival.

When this movement first started we focused on policy change, how we could "save Australia" from its downfall. Then, when LadSoc started we decided to take a step back and focus on the recruitment of a cadre in order to build a community. Now it is clear we must take another step back, instead of recruitment we must go through a period of focusing on ourselves. How can we expect high agency, high value people to join our cause if we are not the embodiment of this ourselves? How could we possibly succeed if we were not as an organisation superior in every way to that of the normie. For too long "Nationalism" in this country has been filled with either the brutes or the "book club". We used to joke about this in the early days and referred to it as the Chad/Sperg ratio. The Chads being those who presented “high normie value”, The Spergs being the autistic YouTube historians who talked a lot about the 14 words, but wouldn't be able to secure their own existence in a bar fight.

"At this point in time the White Man has not yet learned how to be spiritually lean. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. The White Man is no longer going to be morally and physically weak. LadSoc are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for the White Man to make, they are now going into a spiritually lean mode and LadSoc will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, the White Man will not survive." - Barbara Lerner Spectre (probably)

What we got wrong about the "Chad/Sperg ratio" was that we believed we needed both Chads and Spergs in order to have a functioning movement. There was differences between States, and some managed to have a "culling of the Spergs" while in others the Spergs outnumbered the Chads and eventually the Chads stopped bothering to attend holocaust revision society. What we must do differently this time is realise that we must embody the old ways. We must not be of Chad or Sperg alone, but that every man must take the best qualities of both and live the 14 words, becoming the Warrior Poet, the Scholar Athlete, the Freeman, the Übermensch, the Hyperborean... the Chad Sperg.

"The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have it thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.” - Thucydides

Our movement will not succeed until every man in our cadre is an Übermensch, we will not succeed until all have understood the worldview - Natural Order. Our movement will not succeed until every man is strong and fit and healthy, until he is Aesthetic in both his physicality and his soul.

Our movement is an organism; it grows through small groups of men attracting other men to our mission. The growth of the movement will come out of many small cadres across the country growing into large organisations, with their own “Männerbund” and home, a place for training the mind, body and spirit. These cadres are the nucleus of our cells; their immediate mission once they have elevated themselves above mediocrity is to raise all the men below them above mediocrity, to create sub-cadres with their own hierarchy and bannermen.

Lastly, Spirit. Morale is not your happiness, it is your willingness to fight. Our fight at this stage is in creating our own world. Do not allow yourself to be apathetic, demotivated by what you see around you in their world. You may not be happy with what is going on but do not let your will be broken, do not dream of returning to the golden cage of your old life, you must break the cage and all those who hold you in it - Dream of our world - Dream of what we will create. Understand that we will and must go through hardship in order to achieve this dream, and take every step you can, every day to put yourself in a better position in our world, not theirs. Do not work hard for them, work hard for the cause. This is a war of attrition and we must do everything to deny the enemy of resources.

Once you have freed yourself from the vices of your own slavery then you will be a Freeman. Your higher purpose in life is this fight, against yourself at first, then the world. Our journey is never ending, we must conquer all of space and time.

“The legionary spirit is that fire of one who will choose the hardest road, who will fight to the death even when all is already lost.”

“The blood of the heroes is closer to God than the ink of the philosophers and the prayers of the faithful.” - Julius Evola