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Religion Part 1 - Modern Christianity and its future

Over the years many who have stuck their head above the progressive parapet have found themselves quickly shot down. Conservative Christian Army officers who opposed state sponsored "mardi gras" holidays for homosexual soldiers that publicly displayed themselves in uniform during these politicised satanic parades, ironically while the rest of those employed within defence were receiving orders that they were not allowed to wear their uniforms to the local shops due to two non-Europeans in the UK beheading Drummer Lee Rigby. The contents of the first interrogations I was made aware of between a "Nationalist" and ASIO were regarding ASIO's deeply held belief that there was a strong possibility that a "Right wing christian aged between 25-45" would be planning to rent a truck to run over homosexuals/paedophiles at madri gras. This prophecy was put forward during the same months as multiple Islamic terrorist attacks occurred throughout Western Europe including the use of Trucks to run over people. These predictions continued to evolve as some fascinating projection of Islamic violence onto those within our scene. Despite these predictions not a single act of violence was recorded, even after dozens of coordinated attacks and tens of thousands of European women beaten and raped over a decade, until of course the brilliant crystal-gazing of ASIO came true and the prophecy was finally fulfilled with Brenton Tarrant, that violence begets violence.

Nationalist public figures and those unfortunate enough to be recognised at a public rally suffered similar fates with job loss and unknown amounts of career damage done by so-called doxxing. Soldiers found to have taken pictures with politicians who don't share the world view of the "progressive" death cult have found themselves removed from service. This process of financial and career asphyxiation of young energetic fighting age men could not possibly have negative future consequences. ;)

Recently Israel Folau, a high profile rugby league player who is a Christian of Pacific islander descent, has found himself in trouble after expressing his so called religious freedoms in our free and democratic society. No different to any other public dissident he has been fired from his job. Apparently constitutional rights are secondary to contracts which are in violation of constitutional rights. This legal discrimination on the basis of a simple contract works excellently for us, as our intention in the future is to be relentlessly discriminatory whilst still operating on the Australian common market for as long as necessary. Secondly after Folau raised over $1 million, GoFundMe decided to shut down his legal fundraiser. Don't like it? Make your own fundraising website! Similar circumstance have happened to myself recently, being fired and receiving notice from the bank that my accounts will be closed to due being "no longer commercially viable". Don't like it? Make your own bank!

This new form of discrimination works in our favour as it will continue to divide Australia into two separate states (at least) each with its own financial, educational, infrastructure institutions and maybe even governments... The divide needs to happen as the Nation is in complete Chaos with a hypocritical government that proclaims equality and diversity whilst simultaneously importing millions of non-Europeans who come from homogeneous ethnostates with strong in-group preferences and who certainly do not believe in notions of equality (ironically Folau being one of them). The Chaotic nation is being held together by a thread through psuedo-economics, the voluntary participation of the white working class who keeps the cogs of the machine alive and billions poured into quelling the flames of racial divide. The further the divide the more closely the chaos will be accurately reflected in society, the closer we get to balkanisation and therefore the closer we get to independence, self rule and becoming Free Men.

One of the greatest ironies of this current affair is that Folau represents the "person of colour" proletariat vs the straight white patriarchal corporate bourgeoisie, you would think the modern day Marxists who hold position within the media, academic and political institutions would be fervently defending Folau as a poster child of oppression from the evil "white" institutional powers of the NRL and big tech, worth billions. The same institutions that fervently defended, promoted and gave platform to Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a Sudanese Islamic progressive feminist Marxist who spat on our ancestors and attacked one of our most sacred of days - Anzac day. The sheer insanity of the situation including the fact that "Australia" took in Sudanese refugees on the basis that Sudanese Muslims were oppressing Sudanese Christians and that we needed to open our borders to many tens of thousands of these people so that they can bask in the beauty and success of our beautiful nation, only to find that we opened our borders to those who were the apparent agitators of the situation and now they are here causing us grief and insulting us. The means is always secondary and rarely consistent with the ends, which is the case of the progressive death cult is always just more non-Europeans. Regarding the difference between Folau's treatment and Yassmins one could only describe it as "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

The libertarian or conservative to fascist pipeline is a discussion for another time. The purpose of this writing is to raise the question as to what should "conservative Christians" do? It is obvious even from an outsider view that the Church has been subverted by Marxists who are pious to a new "god". They wear rainbow lanyards, they have 'Refugees are welcome' plastered outside their cathedrals, they do everything possible to bend the knee and not upset those who wish them dead. I can already hear the chorus of those chanting "what about my church, it doesn't do that?". True, however I have not been made aware of any of these churches publicly denouncing these un-Christian institutions. Interestingly Folau whose actual intrinsic ethnic culture and spirituality has been almost destroyed by Christian aggression is one of the only examples I can find of a high profile christian in recent times defending in any way shape or form christian theology.

What are Conservative Christians to do? Should they attempt to "un-subvert" the churches, attempt to acquire positions within its leadership and change the direction of the church? Or should they vote with their feet and leave like the many others who have done so, and allow the Church to continue its existence with the importation of the good non-European Christians whose first and second generations are currently loyal to the institution that has paid for it. (Just as the good German Christian converts defended the Roman Empire until its collapse.)

Was Jesus afraid to voice his concerns or did he turn over the tables of the synagogue? Modern Christians have a choice; they can fight to preserve the Europeanized theocracy which must centre around preserving the Europeans that embody it, or further globalisation and sit at the table of the new world order. Would Jesus push for this split or is Christianity a new world order, one with no nations and absolute equality under god, following in its always predestined path?

The purpose of religion is to act at all times as a spiritual safeguard of the people, to protect it from foreign spiritualities and worldviews, and therefore religion plays the most important role, as the spiritual world is a plane in itself that shields the soul of man from impurities. Once his shield is gone, man is no longer immune to the diseases that can grow out of the conflict of his own environment and the diseases spread by opportunistic invaders. Man can not live without his soul, if his is separated from his natural one, he will soon be on a mission to find an artificial replacement. We see this everyday with mans obsession with hedonism and greed being the false soul, and with conversion and miscegenation being the foreign soul.