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Order or Chaos (Part 1)

No System of power is ever replaced while it provides order. Any significant change regardless of "good" or "bad" within a system only comes during periods of chaos. These periods occur frequently under chaotic systems far removed from natural order and less frequently under systems that more closely follow the principles of natural order. Great significant change only occurs during periods of chaos no matter how long or short, but said change only occurs if there is significant strength, organisation and alignment to natural order within the replacement order during the period of chaos. Longer more frequent periods of chaos, the strength, organisation and closeness of the replacement system to natural order are the variables to the likelihood of a successful replacement coming to fruition.

We cannot create a better Order from Order, we cannot exchange a broken system for a better system while the broken system still appears to work. It doesn’t matter that our ideals are "better" if the above variables are not in sync. Ride the tiger.

Our only options are;

To sit on our hands and wait for the system to collapse, in which case a more mobilised, motivated and strong force will most likely capitalise on the chaos. Most likely one or multiple balkanised states separated by the interest of ethnic groups and a Marxist or neo-liberal lead multicultural Brazilian-like caste state.

Or - We create the strongest possible organisation resembling Natural Order that we can achieve, we never stop developing this Order, eventually turning it into a self-reliant parallel society so that we succeed in our mission whether or not the collapse comes in our life time. For if the collapse does come, we have the best chance of creating Order through Chaos on a Macro scale for our people (Nation) as we would have already achieved it on a Micro scale within our Parallel Society (Community).

  • Will we ever achieve Natural Order?

  • Is it even possible for our race in its current stock to achieve Natural Order?

  • How will we even know when we start to stray one minute of degree from the path of Natural Order?

  • Is Natural Order a Journey or a Destination?

  • Can we ever achieve a perfectly balanced spiritual social ecosystem that could be timeless?

It is important to note that the replacing system does not need to be philosophically closer to Natural Order than the system it is replacing. It may only need to capitalise on one matter that is of the most short-term dire interest. The replacing system may holistically be shallow and chaotic but provide temporary order whilst a generally orderly system is struggling with temporary transitions. For example, Marxism's success over Monarchy during the late industrial revolution in Nations whose Monarchs failed to ensure a healthy class consciousness between oligarchs with newly found wealth and those destined to a life little above corporate slavery.

Globalism replaced Nationalism in the short space of one generation (roughly between 1960 and 1990). Most of the western world gave up its industry in favour of cheap foreign manufacturing which increased the profits of those at the top but destroyed an entire class of workers who never worked in the industries once destined for them.

With the money now going overseas and the service industries and universities being stacked with an increased supply of labour (or in the case of university, “sales”), we have a stagnation of inflation adjusted wages, university debt, over-qualificationism and further education ponzi schemes. This stagnation of wages requires dual income households and the corporatisation of women who would otherwise be mothers in order to achieve the same standard of living as the generation before.

This corporatisation (feminism) creates a below replacement level birth-rate of the European population, a complete lack of population growth, whilst simultaneously trying to create a welfare state as all democracies are destined to become. This process is due to one group realising they can vote for more money and the group in power realising that they can buy votes via another short-term government solution - Mass Immigration. The mass importation of foreign workers, a ponzi scheme based on the idea that if you cannot pay for the generation retiring, you import more people than those retiring so that you can pay for those retiring, once the generation of imports goes to retire you simply import more people to pay for the imports who are now retiring.

As absolutely insane and against Natural order as this whole process is, this is the current state of almost all "Western Democracies". Short term policy within a democracy always succeeds against long term policy, until the short-term policy can no longer sustain the promises (standard of living) that it was employed to create. These short-term policies are now only kept afloat by a constant increase in our debt, something we will never be able to pay back. Natural Order (Nationalism) will not return until this system collapses.

Our world will be built in the image of our world view, we will not care for short term policy or concepts of humanity or progressive morality. People can cloak their morality in divinity or humanity if they want, but our morality must come from what is pragmatic for our survival, this process can only stem from principles beyond control - Natural Order. What is good or bad for our movement cannot be determined by "morality" but only by its success, this pragmatic view of morality makes moral pragmatism the only genuine morality, as any sense of morality that does not lead to success should be considered immoral in every way, an example of faux morality, "the principled dead man".

Simply put it does not matter whether a current geo-political event is "moral" or not, whether by means or temporary ends, what matters is that the enemy’s system is in Chaos and we are a step closer to Order. The state is the strongest horse in the race, the defender of the current "order" and therefore the first needed to be defeated, counter revolutionaries are to be dealt with after a revolution, not before.

Our minds won’t live long enough to see it, but our blood will. Everything will ebb and flow until the end of time, dancing between Chaos and Order, every peak getting closer to a perfect system, every Dip showing our race its deepest ills. Up and Down until the end of time. Our destiny lies in making every peak higher each time, driving us closer to a higher form of being, as individuals and as civilisations.