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Order or Chaos (Part 2)

Before beginning this piece it is important to understand that the terms "Leftist, Marxists, Liberal" etc are all interchangeable with each other at this point, the summary of their world view is antithetical to Natural Order. It is important to not get caught up in which word is being used and whether it is being used accurately. What is important is understanding that when any of these words are used, they are being used to describe a person whose world view is in Chaos, they have a brain virus and are unable to process the most basic concepts of Natural Order, such as self preservation, what is a man and what is a woman or even whether "2+2=4", and therefore they are also unable to understand more intricate understandings of Natural Order.

Very few of these people are capable of being saved and the fact that so many Europeans have been infected with this Anti-European world view is proof of a dysgenic process caused by millions of our bravest and strongest being killed in the last century. If we understand how eugenics works then those genetically prone to the brain virus, the softer, weaker and more cowardly of the European race will cleanse themselves of this world. These people do not breed and if they do then they make sure they infect their children with enough of this virus that they do not breed. Effectively 'the genetic trash takes itself out'. The problem is that whilst healthy Europeans are still living in the societies of these unhealthy people the disease can infect some of the healthiest of our stock if there is enough propaganda and proximity. This is why your government pours billions of our tax dollars into socially engineering our youth against itself. Furthermore not only are the majority of Europeans living in these unhealthy environments unhappy but we often hear ourselves and those around us talking about "getting away", whether through perpetual holidays or wanting to move to a "quieter" or further out suburb. This process is often referred to as "White flight" and is the healthy reaction of Europeans living in an occupied land. This is also why your government pours billions of dollars into "diversification projects" to ensure no "organic" white enclaves are created. Your government achieves this through building of community housing for refugees or recent migrants or through relocating or incentivising through funding and building of physical and social infrastructure such as mosques, "community centres", welfare facilities or housing.

Before moving on an important point to remember regarding White flight is the "Soft Racial consciousness" of Europeans. When White Australians or Europeans internationally explain why they have left a predominantly or heavily non European suburb or town in order to move to a predominant or homogeneous European suburb or town they often use "soft" terms to explain their motivations. "The schools are better", "It's quieter/cleaner/nicer/less busy", "It's a better place to raise children". The subject of Soft Racial consciousness of Europeans and White flight is a subject further explained at another time.

Lately I have been trying to simplify all Marxist rhetoric into a logical flowchart. I know it is a fallacy to try to rationalise the irrational but one Marxist talking point has always fascinated me. "We must shut down the Fascists/Racists before they become popular/powerful." This is one of their most revealing statements, it is self admitting that we are the rightful heirs to our civilisation. For if there was not power in our ideas, why would we need to be shut down? If there is power in our ideas then why?

When asked to explain why, they often state that it is because we will successfully mislead people into following us. Implying that humans can be so easily mislead and unplugged from the mainstream neo-liberal politics, and if they could, would it have anything to do with thousands of years of collective genetic traits and history being a more powerful motivator than 50 years of social engineering. Deductively if being "unplugged" was possible then why are these so called "anti-establishment" Marxists cliques not able to become a ruling power? If we can become powerful through “misleading” people then couldn’t they become even more powerful through telling people the “truth”. Deductively this would mean the solution to the rise of the far right would be simple, to leave them alone and continue spreading your message. But they don’t do this, a significant amount of institutional power from Journalists to Politicians to Intelligence Agencies (all of which are mercenaries of the global system) are dedicated to smearing, legislating and breaking apart our growth. Which is of course a second self admittance that their message is not the truth and they are frightened that we actually have the solution to the crisis that we face - The complete enslavement and destruction of Europeans globally.

It is truly remarkable how all of Marxist and Liberal politics is a projection. Their entire world view is not only a fallacy but it’s based upon a false moral dogma that itself is based on nothingness. They use platitudes such as “humanity” or “the world” to describe a basis for a deconstructed world view, the alleged good or greater good is based on compartmentalising the entire worlds interest in to one hypothetical box, never understanding that within that box there are contradictory interests that are exclusive to each other. "Humanity" as a concept does not exist as our planet, its resources and its land is a zero sum game.

The Marxist believes that "appealing to nature" is a fallacy and yet any deeper leftist thinker has to resort to some form of bastardised natural order, which is almost always in fact an exception to the rule, not the rule itself, in order to justify why anything in their reality is good or just or moral or normal or acceptable or tolerable or anything, homosexuality being an example of such. Another excellent example is “humanity” in itself. They hold a belief that humanity and humanities interest is the highest moral cause, again any deeper leftist thinker must resort to a bastardised claim of natural order, as if humanity represents some kind of balanced ecosystem which has a collective interest in each other.

The leftist fails not only at not understanding natural order but can’t correctly construct a logical example of it. You see an ecosystem is separate to survival of the fittest (zero sum). In an Ecosystem there are mutually beneficial organisms and systems that do not compete for each other’s resources but live off each other’s output, one organisms output is another’s input, everything is balanced, there is a clear food/input chain. Competition or survival of the fittest is a separate system to the ecosystem, within each input and output level of the chain there are multiple organisms competing for dominance over each input/resource.

Put plainly, humanity has no collective interest as the organisms within humanity (races, ethnicities, tribes) are competing for dominance within our input/resource supply chain. The idea of us sharing equally this input chain with people different to us is against the principle of an ecosystem/nature itself, it’s like lions sharing their hunt with the leopards. Again the leftist will then accuse anyone of making this point as appealing to a logical fallacy (as if nature could ever be a fallacy), without the leftist ever being able to describe the deeper basis for any of their morality. A simplistic way to deconstruct this leftist ideal without rambling on like me would just be to state that; “humanity is a social construct”.

Of course a leftist will argue that "Lions and Leopards are a different species", not understanding that lions will fight to the death against other lions that are in their pride for dominance, whilst only days later fight to the death against other lions not of their pride in order to secure their existence, whilst only days later may band together with lions not of their pride in order to fight off Hyenas. Natural Order is based in Natural Hierarchies. One of the most important Hierarchies is "Familiarity" also described as Genetic Closeness. Our first loyalty is to our direct Family, then to our tribe or community, then to our greater Nation or Ethnic group (in the case of new world Europeans such as Australians or Americans this is a Pan-European heritage) and finally for all Europeans our loyalty is to the Race, that is to a European World. The necessity for a pan-European world view is a matter of life or death for the European people. There are over 1.3 Billion people at the disposal of the Chinese State, and the same is for the Indian State. We as a people are losing our place on this planet because of ethnic rivalries between some 10 or 20 or 40 million Europeans which is an irrelevant matter whilst literally billions of people who wish to destroy us and take our lands are waiting at the gates, and the gates are open. Two common examples used to deny the existence of Natural order is "Appealing to Nihilism or Hedonism", a fallacy in which the leftist believes that either nothing in life matters, or that the only thing in life that matters is feeling good. This places Feelings of the Micro above the Reality of the Macro. The other example is "The bastardised Natural order" fallacy, whereby a Leftist thinker will justify unnatural acts by either referring to an Animal in nature that has a completely different social order to our historical order, or even more cheekily refer to the actions of a domesticated or imprisoned animal to justify degenerate and therefore destructive behaviour.

You will find that leftists love attacking Natural Order and will refer to anything within it as a so called “social construct”; racial consciousness becomes "racism", gender norms become "patriarchy/sexism", Natural Hierarchies become "ableism, white privilege", this is in fact another projection as the basis for their entire world view is based solely on “social constructs”, the destructive and antithetical nature of pathological altruism becomes "humanity", discriminating against people in order to attempt to create a falsely equal outcome becomes "equality", lack of self preservation becomes "diversity", degenerate (destructive to the race) behaviour becomes "liberty" etc.

Our morality is based upon Natural Order, it’s entirely pragmatic, it’s subjective to our and only our survival, and our survival and evolution is objective to our purpose on earth.

Order or Chaos.