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After doing some work on the garden in the returning spring, sunny weather, while enjoying the satisfaction of sitting back and taking in the task just completed, I began pondering this life in Australia as we know it, and I found myself contemplating ‘freedom’.

I will first clarify that the ‘freedom’ I am writing about is the type of freedom experienced by our European ancestors living in a world of balance and Natural Order. Or the freedom more recently experienced during a twelve-year period in Germany’s history. I in no way condone so-called “freedom” as it is now perceived in this decadent, anything goes, degenerate society that our part of the world has become. This is in fact not freedom at all, but the manipulation of our people into a society of ‘Chaos’, a topic which has been addressed by Tom in previous articles.

Those of us already in this movement, see the many so-called “right-wing” Australians believing that democracy is freedom.

We know how wrong they are.

That is a discussion for another time, so I will get back to my thoughts, leaving aside the explaining of the inadequacies of democracy, and hope that the way our government behaves causes those that hold democracy so dear to awaken in their own time. My thoughts began with minor topics, such as laws enforcing the wearing of seat-belts, or having to wear helmets on pushbikes and motorcycles, these laws are the type that nobody really bats an eyelid about, because sure, using these devices will protect you in the case of an accident, but I often find myself thinking why should I have to wear a seat-belt or helmet if I choose not to?

Yes, an honourable government, which unfortunately is virtually unheard of in the world today, should make recommendations to look after its people, but it should be one’s own choice if they wish to protect themselves in such ways, and surely with much more important topics for a government to address, such novel issues should not be enforced by the threat of punishment under the law.

Leading on from this I found my thoughts jumping from issue to issue and surprised myself with the amount of law and regulation that is enforced on our society, a society where the majority believe that they are ‘free’.

There is the ongoing debate about firearm laws, we should be free to own firearms without all the unnecessary red tape, but obviously allowing a population the ability to be armed is not good for any corrupt system that wishes to hold on to its power. We are required to get a permit to burn rubbish, to use fireworks, to hold an event. We have to pay our local councils to own a dog that we will look after ourselves, we have to get our children immunised or they cannot attend many kindergartens and schools, we need permits to build on our own land, and in certain locations are not allowed to build on that same land that we supposedly own!

Police can pull us over at any time, for a breath test, a licence check, to search your vehicle whenever they like without any legitimate reason or suspicion and everybody accepts this.

If we decide to congregate in a public area and the authorities don’t like us there the police can “move us on” under the threat of arrest. As anybody who has been to one of the rallies held in Victoria in recent years can attest to, in the area of any public demonstration one will often be handed a slip of paper by police explaining that your person can be searched for no reason other than you being in that area at that time.

We see the militarisation of the States police, the riot gear and new weaponry. I ask you, who is this to protect? The people, or the State?

Another ridiculous law is the recreational angler requiring a license to fish. We cannot simply go down to a body of water in Victoria with our fishing rod and catch a fish. No, we have to pay the government for a license to make the most of our natural resources, to provide a meal! And if you do not you will be penalised.

There is the States “hate speech” law, which in Victoria states that you can be charged for pretty much anything that the authorities deem “racist”, law that of course has been created to be used against Europeans, and is designed to prevent any public discourse about the well-coordinated replacement of our people via immigration, “planned parenthood”, feminism and mainstream media propaganda.

Now to the subject of our own blood, our children.

Any parent would be aware of how thorough schools have become in requiring a reason for any absence. Yes, the State wants to ensure that our children are in their schools at all times, they wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to groom our children on “education” topics such as gender theory, deviant sexual practices and homosexuality. They wouldn’t want them to miss out on the celebration of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, or miss out on an opportunity to push the white guilt narrative teaching our children how evil their own ancestors were on their arrival to this continent from which they created the nation of Australia.

If you decide to take your child out of one of the government’s indoctrination centres, parents are required to get permission from the government to home school.

Let’s think about that one for a moment, your own child, the life that you created, that you care for, that you love in a way that no other individual possibly can, yet you need permission from the government to teach them at home, and are required to jump through hoops to get this permission!

That one in itself should be enough for the most apathetic and subservient of all to realise we are definitely not free men. I would advise all parents if at all possible to home school their children. In time we will have our own schools, but at this stage our education sector has become a battlefield for our children’s minds. I understand that a lot of families are not in the position to home school their children, but in that case good advice would be to go over your child’s school day with them every evening in order to deprogram the indoctrination.

Now I have only touched on the many laws, rules and regulations that are enforced on our lives on a day to day basis, and have hardly addressed the treatment of those of us that hold a worldview based on Natural Order, views that sit outside of the currently enforced societal standards, common sense views on family, race, community and nation that can see one shunned from society, denied employment, bank accounts, and even burdened with legal trouble. But it doesn’t take long for one to realise that the States overarching law is in place to prevent any “dissidents” from challenging the direction in which they are taking us.

A comment that I have heard in the past that resonates with me, is that “We are not free; we are free range”.

We are allowed to go about our daily lives, confined in this virtual paddock by law after newly invented law and all the time monitored and watched over by those that work towards our demise.

The problem with this situation is that we have now had generation after generation that does not know what freedom is. Because of this we accept the ridiculous amount of regulation that we live under as necessary, we believe that our government care about our welfare, and that these laws are there to protect us. How wrong we are.

For our people to survive and prosper, we must take back our freedom, stop relying on police to protect us, stop relying on government, and cease believing that they are in their positions to do what is right for us all.

We must become self-sufficient in our own communities, enforce our own societal standards, look after one another and remove ourselves and our children from the disgrace that society has become.

As Europeans, we come from a line of explorers, inventors, great leaders and warriors. We descend from a people that have created everything of significance in our modern way of life, yet we have been reduced to nothing but slaves that are accepting our own replacement, and the laws that have been instated to prevent us from defending our future.

It’s time we started behaving like the great race that we are, behaving in a way that honours those great men and women before us.

It’s time that we take back the freedom that is rightfully ours, and build the communities that will enable us to survive and prosper into the future.

Join us in this struggle.

It’s time we all started living like free men.

Hail victory!