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Order or Chaos (Part 3)

Order or Chaos Part 3 - The window of hypocrisy.

It is difficut to debate those whose minds are in Chaos - The leftist, marxist, globalist, liberal or conservative etc because most are not physically capable of understanding their own contradictions, however an important point to raise when faced with Chaotic political arguments is to always ask the question “why?”. Every argument or position that our enemies hold when taken to their logical conclusion are simply a form of warfare against our race, this is why most people do not understand how the Chaotic can hold two contradictory concepts simultaneously, like an Orwellian double think. For example, the Marxist will advocate for both the promotion of the LGBT or feminism whilst simultaneously the promotion of Islamic migration and Islamic cultural retention which is of course antithetical to the promotion of the LGBT or feminism.

Every argument or position that we hold must be taken to its logical conclusion that it is beneficial for the race. The philosophy of Natural Order is not in simply holding the correct positions but in holding them for the correct reasons. An example is Abortion, the "Conservative" may hold the correct opinion that the killing of unborn children should be a crime, but often for the wrong reason, they believe in a blanket statement that it is always wrong to kill the unborn, regardless of the "sickness" of the child or whether it is a product of rape. Some may argue falsely that holding the latter position is part of the slippery slope of the pro-abortion argument. However under Natural Order it is not the concept of abortion that is wrong, is is the killing of healthy European children that is wrong. A second example is the conservative position on Refugees, recently in Australian politics there was a debate about letting White South African refugees into the country, The ruling conservative party which has held an anti-refugee stance in the past was rightfully ridiculed for its hypocrisy in now agreeing with bringing in refugees because they are of European descent. Interestingly not a single voice in politics made the equal observation that the pro-refugee crowd only calls for refugees when they are "brown people". As stated before, some may be confused why the pro-refugee crowd would be anti-refugee when it comes to White South African refugees, however one must follow all positions to their logical conclusion and realise that it was never about refugees, it was always about racial replacement or racial preservation. We do not hold an archaic hypocritcal opinion on the subject of refugees or abortion like the so called conservatives do, we only care whether the the subject is beneficial to the race or not.

One of the final fallacies that must be taken to its logical conclusion is the concept that a country is better than another because it has better laws, or better policies, or better culture. When one asks why this is the case, the Chaotic will speak in some round about way how better laws create better culture and how better culture creates better laws, unable to comprehend where the origin of such things lie, as if it is a metaphoric chicken and egg. The obvious reality is that culture stems from people, laws stem from people, policy stems from people. Greater people form greater civilisation. Our enemies state that "race is a social construct" in order to deconstruct our society and weaponise ethnic replacement. The statement itself has been successful propaganda in destroying white racial consciousness and commonsense (Natural Order). Society is a Racial Construct.

All politics and social/economic theory outside of natural order is part of a “window of hypocrisy”. The ordinary person doesn’t really have any political view. Where as a “conservative” or “libertarian” or “Marxist” often has a deeper understanding of society and its ills, just misplaced solutions, this forms part of their identity that they often find it hard to let go of, even if there misplaced solutions are made obvious to them. (It is important to note in order to understand this observation one must differentiate between the "Thinking Conservative" or the "Thinking Marxist" and that of the "Social Conservative or "Social Marxist" who is not completely understanding of these world views but only of the social norms around them, maintaining themselves in the herd and "What is in it for me".) They are intelligent enough to deconstruct a normality or “a construct” yet unable to piece it back together correctly. It reminds me of being a child and being smart enough to pull something apart but not being smart enough to put it back together. You see the average mind is not interested in pulling apart a working clock (Natural Order), they know that it tells the time and that it works, why try and fix something that isnt broken? However a more curious individual with slightly more intelligence than the average person may attempt to pull the clock apart, in the process they attempt to overcomplicate lifes eternal truths and get caught up in the trees, not seeing the forest. When they put the clock back together, if they are even able to, they often find that it does not work (Chaos), and if it does it only works twice a day (temporary Order). An enlightened thinker that is not caught in the window of hypocrisy is able to take the working clock apart (subconscious Natural order) and put it back together in working order (conscious Natural Order). An example of this is Bruce Jenner. The ordinary worker of the European world who has not been made subject to constant deconstructive propaganda understands that Bruce Jenner is a man, the issue is not that he is a woman, the issue is that he is mentally ill. Where as the so called educated class, the university graduates and the academics use a psuedo-scientific justification to explain how a man can be a woman if he truly believes in it enough, they may even use evidence of brain scans and or bring up exceptions to rules to explain how gender dysmorphia is real because hermaphrodites exist. Those of us who fall on the other side of the window of hypocrisy are able to deconstruct gender, look at the evidence the deconstructionists are using and after all that time wasting realise that Bruce Jenner is in fact a man. (Note another example of the exception to the rule fallacy described in part 2)

I believe Europeans to be intrinsically prone to this from of pseudo-intellectual deconstruction as we are sometimes too smart and altruistic for our own good. The ordinary worker of the non-European world has not been socially engineered by deconstructionists to turn upside down their world, and I do not believe that they would be able to. Non-Europeans look in disgust or confusion or delight at the thought of our constantly weakening society, they find it bizzare and suicidal that we would rather import foreigners into our country than leave it to our young. The idea of mass immigration being a bad thing is so "commonsense" and in line with Natural order that when it happens anywhere else in the world it is considered a crime. When Han Chinese migrate in mass into Tibet in order to out number the Tibetians and out vote them in their own Country "we" call it genocide. When Mexicans in United States, or Turks in Germany, or Pakistanis in England, or who ever migrate in mass and begin in regions to outnumber the host population, "we" call it diversity and it is "our greatest strength". The working classes who were not given the opportunity of being re-educated are against this process of replacement, not for any specific reason, they just subconsciously know it is not a good thing. The pseudo intellectuals of society whether they be thinking Marxists or thinking Conservatives or thinking Liberals will explain in some round about way how your ethnic destruction and replacement in the lands that your ancestors collectively built for you is a good thing because - "The GDP" or, "As long as they come here legally" or, "How good is the food" or, "We don't have a culture" or, "we all bleed red". Whilst those who understand Natural order are no longer fooled by these smooth tongued lizards who plot for our destruction. The next logical step after understanding this process is understanding who the leading deconstructionists are, every, single, time...